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What Is A Vasectomy Procedure?

Choosing to get a vasectomy is becoming an increasingly common decision among men throughout the United States. In fact, research has found that a vasectomy procedure is almost 100% effective in preventing pregnancy.

If you’re one of the many people thinking about investing in a vasectomy procedure, here’s what you can expect to occur.


A vasectomy procedure is a quick and easy surgery that can take two primary forms: an incision vasectomy and a no-scalpel vasectomy. Your urologist will numb the area in both procedures to limit pain and streamline the process.

During an incision vasectomy, your urologist will make a small cut in your scrotum to gain access to your vas deferens, the tubes which carry your sperm. Urologists will then block the tubes with surgical clips, remove part of the tubes, tie them off, or even cauterize them via an electrical current. All in all, the procedure will take only 20 minutes or so.

A no-scalpel vasectomy relies on a tiny puncture. This is made in the scrotum which then enables your urologist to gain access to the vas deferens in order to tie off or cauterize the tubes. This method lowers the risk of infection since there is typically less bleeding and no stitches required.

Talk to the urologist Houston TX trusts to discuss vasectomy treatment services that work for you.


If you’ve chosen to invest in a vasectomy procedure, most people can simply drive themselves home following the surgery. This is a quick and easy surgery that typically heals within the first week, enabling you to have sex as soon as you feel better. Should you feel any pain, utilize a cold compress and limit physical activity until you are fully healed. Keep in mind that you should wear tight underwear or bring a jock strap to support your scrotum.

It will take up to three months for your sperm to clear from your vas deferens. As such, you still have a chance of getting your partner pregnant before this time. You will have to provide an ejaculate sample for your doctor or urologist to test for semen after three months. If your urologist gives you the all-clear, you can stop using birth control.

If you’re interested in receiving a vasectomy procedure, don’t hesitate to schedule a urologist consultation with Durrani M.D. and his staff of professionals. We can discuss your options and help you to determine if a vasectomy is right for you.

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