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Erectile Dysfunction Treatment: Gainswave Vs. Other Treatments


Erectile Dysfunction Treatment: GAINSWAVE VS. OTHER TREATMENTS

What do you know about GAINS WAVE?

GAINSWave™ is a non-invasive procedure that uses pulse waves to improve blood flow to the penis for the purpose of improving sexual performance. There are others who also provide shock wave therapy, but GainsWave has a proprietary protocol developed after years of experience that is arguably the best in class.

GAINSWave™ is safe and effective, drug-free, surgery-free and delivers long-lasting results.

While responses vary based on age and underlying medical conditions, about 75% of men experience positive results during and after treatment.

GAINSWave™ therapy provides a better alternative to the current standard treatment of E.D. with oral medications that can cause side effects and are costly. Those who are no longer responding to these meds have traditionally gone to other treatments that are either cumbersome, painful, or require surgery (ie, penile injections, use of the vacuum erection device, or surgical implantation of a penile prosthesis).

GAINSWave™ is an exciting new approach to E.D. that can address the underlying problem in most patients rather than a “patch” such as meds, injections, etc. To learn more, see the diagram below.

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