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Hormone Replacement Therapy


Omar Durrani, MD

Hormone Replacement Therapy Specialist & Urologist located in Houston, TX

Hormone replacement therapy is often associated with menopausal women, but hormonal imbalances can affect men and women of all ages. At DurraniMD in Houston, Texas, fellowship-trained and award-winning urologist Omar Durrani, MD, diagnoses hormonal imbalances and offers personalized treatment plans to restore your hormonal health and vitality. If you have symptoms of low testosterone or declining estrogen, call or schedule a consultation online today.

Hormone Replacement Therapy Q & A

What is hormone replacement therapy?

Hormone replacement therapy is a medical treatment to replace declining hormone levels, restoring your health and vitality. DurraniMD offers thorough hormone evaluations and a variety of hormone replacement therapy options.

Hormone replacement therapy can provide you with more energy, muscle strength, and a greater ability to lose weight. It can also increase mental clarity, enhance sexual function, and improve your overall quality of life while preventing age-related illness.

What causes hormonal imbalances?

Aging is a common cause of hormonal changes. However, other factors can contribute to hormonal imbalances, including your weight, injury to hormone-producing glands, autoimmune diseases, alcohol abuse, and medical treatments like chemotherapy.

Dr. Durrani offers hormone replacement therapy to both men and women to address the effects of low testosterone and low estrogen.

What are the signs of a hormonal imbalance?

Your hormones are chemicals that work together in a precise balance to regulate nearly every body function. A hormonal imbalance can cause a cascade of disruptive and distressing symptoms, including: 

  • Weight gain
  • Fatigue and reduced energy
  • Hot flashes and night sweats
  • Irritability
  • Mood changes
  • Libido loss

Both men and women can experience these symptoms. Women can also develop vaginal dryness and atrophy, which leads to painful sex, incontinence, and pelvic pain. If any of these symptoms sound familiar, Dr. Durrani can help.

How do I know if hormone replacement therapy is right for me?

Dr. Durrani begins with a physical exam and a conversation about your symptoms, medical history, and lifestyle. 

He also uses comprehensive hormone testing for men and women, including measuring serum levels of testosterone, estrogen, and thyroid hormones, to confirm that a hormonal imbalance is the root cause of your symptoms.

What are the available types of hormone replacement therapy? 

After your diagnosis, Dr. Durrani prescribes the precise dose of hormones needed to restore your health. 

For men, Dr. Durrani offers testosterone therapy via gels, injections, or BioTEĀ® or TestopelĀ® pellets.

For women, Dr. Durrani provides topical hormone replacement therapy with Estrace or other vaginal creams. He also offers BioTE pellet therapy for women. 

Dr. Durrani monitors your health and hormone levels carefully while you have hormone replacement therapy. Your body needs a precise hormonal balance for optimal function, and he can adjust your prescription as needed. 

Call DurraniMD or make an appointment online today if you have any concerns about your hormonal health.