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Six Signs You Have Kidney Stones

Kidney stones are classified into two categories: acute and chronic kidney disorders. This health issue necessitates immediate kidney stones services in order to prevent the kidney stones from becoming worse.

Studies show that kidney stones result from accumulation of sugar and other minerals in the kidney to the point where they combine to form solid particles which are the size of a single sugar granule. Many people don’t know the common symptoms of kidney stones. Here are some of the signs that will inform you that you need kidney stones services.


Kidney stones can be in the body for some time without showing serious and considerable signs. One of the major signs of kidney stone is groin, back, and side pain. If you are consistently experiencing wincing, sharp, and cramping pain, you need to consider kidney disorder treatment before it gets worse.


Various factors can cause nausea and vomiting in an individual. However, kidney disease is one of the conditions that are manifested by constant nausea and vomiting. In most cases, a stone in the walls of the kidney prevents the urine from flowing down the urinary system causing it to back up. This leads to stretching and sometimes swelling of the kidney.


It can be very hard for a person with a kidney stone disorder to get comfortable. He or she is always tossing and turning around in an attempt to find the best sitting or sleeping condition. It is important to highlight that kidney stones are always in constant motion and moving within the kidney. This leads to extreme pain and sometimes uncomfortable standing or sleeping. Kidney disorder treatment Houston TX provides state of the art treatment to individuals who are experiencing a kidney stone.


Frequent urination or urge to urinate is a clear indication that something is wrong with your kidneys. However, it is important to highlight that frequent urination can be caused by other factors such as pregnancy and environmental conditions. Keeping close attention to your urination habits could unearth kidney stones. If the stone is close to the bladder, you will experience the urge to run to the bathroom frequently. If you notice that you are getting the urge to urinate frequently, seeking kidney health consultation services could play a vital role in preventing the stone problem to extend to the urinary system.


Blood in the urine is one of the common symptoms that you could be suffering from kidney stones. In most cases, stones scratch the delicate tissue of the urinary system. The stones might be big enough to cause considerable harm to the ureter, which could cause bleeding. In such a case, kidney stones removal is a necessity as it prevents the situation to go beyond what can be treated.


With kidney problems, there is also the possibility of extreme fever. Kidney stones treatment and other diagnostic services may help you to discover the cause of consistent fever, and it could be kidney stones. Kidney stones services will help in eliminating this problem within a short period.

If you believe you may be experiencing one or more of these symptoms, it’s important to reach out to your Doctor right away. Reach out to Durrani M.D. with any questions.

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