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Erectile Dysfunction Treatment: Can Food And Diet Help?

Erectile dysfunction occurs when the male organ known as the Penis fails to stand firm enough for penetrative sex.

According to research, erectile dysfunction (ED) can be caused by different health conditions, but the most common causes are traced to cardiovascular diseases such as heart attack, heart failure and other heart diseases.

Diabetes is also a common cause of erectile dysfunction due to high level of sugar intake in the blood.

With research studies linking cardiovascular disease and diabetes as the major causes of erectile dysfunction daily,

What foods can men consume to improve or cure erectile dysfunction?

If you’ve been struggling to have an erection in the bedroom, an experienced urologist Houston Dr. Omar Durrani suggests that the quality of your food intake could be the stumbling block.

By consuming the right quality of foods, you can boost your sexual drive as soon as possible.

Highlighted below are some foods that help boosts Libido in Men:

Consuming quality diet doesn’t guarantee total cure of erectile dysfunction.

The best treatment for erectile dysfunction is available only at Durrani MD.

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